Help bridge the gap in blood donation diversity.

Join SCDAA, OneBlood, and Hemanext in our efforts to raise awareness around the importance of diversity in the blood donor pool. Blood drives play a crucial role in saving lives and maintaining a healthy blood supply.

However, the diversity of the donor pool is often limited, which can result in a shortage of blood that is compatible with certain racial and ethnic groups, such as those affected by sickle cell disease (SCD).1


Sickle cell patients may need 100 units of blood each year.2

Only 2% of all blood donors are a match for a sickle cell patient.5

1 in 3 African American blood donors are a match for a sickle cell patient.3

African Americans make up less than 3% of blood donors.4

You can make a difference! Help Bridge the gap in blood donation diversity.

Upcoming #Donate4Diversity Blood Drives

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